A Guide to the Creative Thinking Skills Approach

We usually relate creativity to the arts; drawing, painting, arts & craft, drama or music. However, Creative Thinking & learning is so much more than that and lends itself to many other areas such as the early sciences, problem solving and mathematics. When children try out new ways of doing things, explore and discover, take risks and test ideas, with the right resources and environment, without adult interference, then Creative Thinking & learning takes place.

A Guide to STEAM Education

Based on STEM education with the addition of the ‘arts’, the STEAM approach takes Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math to another level, interconnecting these important subjects and preparing children for 21st century learning. A truly integrated approach to learning which ensures that visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners engage with modern and state of the art resources to optimize learning experiences.

We believe that the STEAM approach is the missing link to a holistic learning experience for today’s learners and their successful future in a dynamically changing and evolving world.